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So you want to build a compiler in Euphoria.

Euphoria add on for So you want to build a compiler by Jack Crenshaw.
Copyright 2002 by Alvin Koffman ARS KA9QLQ

I have been interested in programming for years, but something always gets in the way. In taking on this project I hope to accomplish the fallowing.

Teach myself programming in Euphoria.
Pass along what I have learned to others wishing to take up programming at a beginners level.
Add a much needed update to the exclent Ebook Jack Crenshaw wrote back in 1988.

This add on ports Jacks Turbo Pascal (68000 CPU) to the Euphoria language (80x86 CPU). Ihope you enjoy this tutoral, and that it help improve your life in some small way. I like the way Mr. Crenshaw keeps all his procedures to a few lines because thats good programming. Though I dont have Mr. Crenshaw vast knowledge, and experience, and my style will reflect that, I hope to keep this as simple, and as strait forward as possible. You should read So you want to build a compiler by Jack Crenshaw FIRST. That will give you the best start, and dont worry about not knowing the code because well be using the Euphoria code in this add on. Just read his explanation of how a compiler operates and youll be 75% of the way there. Remember this is only to help you get his idea to work on your PC and to learn a little Euphoria along the way.
Please let me know if this tutoral helps, and if not why.


Hay, that's me!

Feel free to email me with your comments, suggestions, offers of help, complaints, marriage preposels, or anything you have on your mind.

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"So You Want to Build a Compiler" by Jack Crenshaw