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Some thoughts on smoking.
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We can have no peace without victory.

Here you'll find links that span the web.

Click here get sued.

Buy sell or trade FREE here, must be lawful item. For a sustainable future.

I've started my own Euphoria programming project. Euphoria is a great programming language for beginers. It's fast and powerful too.

Check out Columbus.

Indiana State Police

The Columbus Amateur Radio Club

The N9PUG funpage. Lot's of cool stuff.

Leonard Burton's home page.

Ham's get a free email or web page here.

This place has great resources for compairing nursing homes.

A good place to check out nursing homes and how to get good care.

Medicaid survay info.

Indiana State Board of Helth long term care.

Your rights in a nursing home.

Indiana Health Care Association. They offer a lot of courses for people wanting to work in long term care.

The truth about AIDS

Ham radio is a great hobby.

Yahoo directory of smoking.

Christian Pipe Smokers club at

Christian Cigar Smokers at Yahoo groups.

The Right To Smoke: A Christian View

My photos

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PipeAble home page
Cornell and Diehl logo
Cornell and Diehl blends

Since 1936
There's Been No Match For A Kirsten

SETI@home Let's find ET.

Are you safe from being probed from the net? Find out.

Free real time quotes.


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The official home page of the USS Ronald Reagan CVN-76

Rush Limbaugh the only news you'll ever need.

LIMBAUGH INSTITUTE For ADVANCED Conservative Studies at Yahoo clubs.

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