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  • Koffman for president.

    Election 2000

    My platform is simple.

    Only the government we have to have.

    Only the taxes we need to pay.

    Only the rules we should implement.


    What government should be.

    I believe the government should do only what the individual can not.

    No one is entitled to free food, housing, clothing, or anything else. As a caring nation though we should help those who have fallen along the path of life.

    There are things one person can't do alone:

    Fight crime, and fires, defend the nation, educate our children, go to the moon, and so on.

    There are things the government will never be able to do:

    Nurture families, hug our young and old, build a community, offer soils to the dying and the like.

    "To preserve, protect, and defend the constitution of the United States of America from all threats both foreign and domestic."

    What exactly does that mean? I believe it means the following:

    1) A strong military to defend us from attack.

    2) A strong and fare legal system to protect the victims of crime, and punish those that would break the law, and settle civil disputes.

    3) Research "big ticket" items like space exploration.