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KA9QLQ's home on the web (:-*9

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Greetings and salutations.

Peace be with you.

Live long and prosper.  

I was born on Aug. 1 1965, in Columbus IN. It's a nice quit, low crime place. Currently I am living at Community Care Center of Columbus.

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After much thought I have decided to run for president. Click hear to see my election 2000 page.

I like to smoke. I don't do drugs, molest kids, spread AIDS, claim you'll be healed if you give me money, or sell used cars.If you don't like smokers sit across the street, find a different restaurant, MOVE! Tobacco is legal, relaxing and fun. Nonsmokers for the most part are piety, conceded, and overbearing. I have deushanes musculardistrophy the average life expectancy is 27. I attribute my longevity (33) to smoking a pipe 20 years, and dare anyone to prove otherwise. C'mon live a little!

Yahoo directory of smoking.

Artwork by Greg Tatlock

Here's some great American's.

Len Burton A man with a plan.

Greg Tatlock Americans that work for a living.

Smoke and be cool What can I say (:-*9

We need your help.

I think ham radio is a great hobby and, I am a member of the Columbus, and Seymour radio club.

You were expecting Syl Staloan?