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Seymour Amateur Radio Club



Hello and welcome to our homepage J

Who we are:


W1ZLZ, Gordon president

WD9DWE, Dennis vice president

N9PUG Greg Treasure

N9KQK Scott secretary


What we do:


Mostly we enjoy talking, experimenting in electronics, and making new friends. Some of us enjoy DX, so we study propagation and how sun spots effect how far we can reach on different frequency. Here is a chart of the sun spot occurrence. Others enjoy having their own TV station, and some enjoy radio astronomy. Many astronauts are Hams. We even have our own satellites.


In time of emergency thought, we become a vital link providing backup communication for the Red Cross, search and rescue, and other civil authorities like F.E.M.A.. We also help track severe weather (you probably have heard your local weatherman say an amateur radio operator has reported something about a tornado). We also as a community service we help with communication for events like bike-a-thons (the D.A.R.E. organization is one we love to help with when they have activities). We even help with the Indy 500.

If you would like to find a club near you try looking here.

These are some upcoming events.

The Columbus In. hamfest.

More on Sunspots hear.

The Big Ear Homepage.

The Skylab homepage.

Make sure that dipole wont come down with these Boy Scout knots.

Visit N9PUG's homepage.

You can get ham equipment at these places.


AES The Ham Station AEA


How you can be a part.

You can write me for info on joining SARC

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