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Currently I am living at Willow Crossing Helth and Rehab Center of Columbus.

It's not bad for a nursing home. Check out your local nursing homes on my links page. I have lived here since September 1997 and have developed a reputation as a "snitch". The reason is because when I see residents being neglected or mistreated in some way, I've never been afraid to report this facility to The Indiana State Board of Health. They can't stand it that I know my rights as a nursing home resident. Just in 2000 they've tried to transfer me 3 times to another nursing home! But in November 2000 the place went into receivership, that'll teach 'em to mess with us helpless old people[8=) I think things will improve here now that National City Bank has taken over and hired Sage Health to run it.
October 2000
     CCC went in to recievership. The bank appoints Sage Healthcare to manage the place untill a new owner is found. Care improves a lot under them.
October 2001
     We got our first clean survay thanks to Sage Healthcare.

January 2002
     Hoosier Enterprise purchased the building and renamed it Willow Crossing even though there are no willow trees here. We'll see how they do at running the place.

May 2003
     Well its been a year sense the new owners took over, and though staff levels are better and the food has improved, I cant say things have improved for the residents otherwise. Things are done without any consult with residents reinforcing what Ive always said this is not your home, its where they stick you. Any time you have a concern your treated like its your fault, or your making it up. The administration is more concerned over looks then care. They remolded the nursing home for looks, but didnt seem interested in what the residents though, or how it would affect them. Instead of waiting for warmer weather so windows could be opened to vent the place a remodeling project was started in December. The fumes from paint and carpet glue was awful, but making the place look better before the Indiana Department of Health came to re-license the building was what mattered, not the residents health. The owners spent $8,000 on a fancy bird aviary, but cant spend a few bucks on some plants for a garden.
November 2003
     Over the past few months Willow Crossing has continued to show how they can't stand residents having any independence from them. They changed their smoking policy to prevent friends from having a smoke with their loved ones, then for the first time sense I've been here they have told some residents they can't have company after 9 pm even though no one complained, and last they banned residents from selling things like pop and Avon to the staff to make some spare change. This petty attitude shows how little they care for the residents. They just want control.

This photo was taken from space.
Willo Crossing

Check out the CCC homepage in my links.